Howto, Component Weights, & More!

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How-To Convert Your Fatbike to Tubeless


Weight List


Have you wondered how much stuff around weighs?  Here's the ongoing list!  Check back often - this list will continue to grow.  


Forks Uncut
Alloy 955g
Squall Carbon 135mm 620g
150mm Carbon 665g
2nd Gen 150mm 592g
1st Gen Carbon 660g
2nd Gen Carbon 680g
2016 Team 570g

Frames Medium
Whiteout AL 2300g
Tundra 2150g
Squall (one size) 1950g
1st Gen Carbon 1640g
2nd Gen Carbon 1480g
2016 Team 1250g

907 Entry Level 1000g

907 Carbon 100mm 590g

Easton Arc 45 27.5+ 640g

HED Big Aluminum Deal 600g

HED Big Deal Carbon 440g

HED Raptor 27.5+ Carbon 450g

Sun Ringle Duroc 40 27.5+ 540g

Sun Ringle Mulefut 80 SL 860g

Surly Rolling Darryl 860g

Surly Clown Shoe 980g

907 197 Gen 1 353g
907 177 Convertible 347g
907 135 Gen 1 240g
907 197 Gen 2 372g
907 150 Gen 2 266g
907 135 Gen 2 253g
Industry 9 Torch 197/190 xD RR 340g
Industry 9 FR 135/150 190g

Sun Ringle OEM Mulefut RR 197 1520g
Sun Ringle OEM Mulefut FR 150 1360g

32 268mm DB Spokes 176g
32 Brass Nipples 32g
32 Alloy Nipples 12g