The second generation of 9:ZERO:7 hubs

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9:ZERO:7 is proud to announce the introduction of our 2nd generation 197mm hubset. These hubs will be available as a set or as an upgrade for complete 9:ZERO:7 Whiteout Carbon builds.

In 2013 9:ZERO:7 lead the industry in bringing one of the first 197mm hubs to market. That original hubset was lightweight, versatile, and so popular that it is still available today. Our 2nd generation hub has been in rigorous testing for two years and offers numerous improvements over the original.

Our original hub offers 30 points of contact or 12° engagement with 3 pawls, which minimizes drag in colder temps. Our new hub uses a staggered 6 pawl design with 3 pawls contacting at a time throughout 60 points of engagement. This effectively makes for 120 points of contact or 3° engagement, creating nearly instant power transfer. In addition to the quick engagement, each pawl has 3 teeth to be incredibly secure and minimize slipping without sacrificing resistance. All these improvements coupled with low temp grease make these hubs truly state of the art!

The outer diameter of our original rear hub axle is 15mm with a thickness of 2.7mm. In our new hub the axle is a stout 17mm outer diameter with a thickness of 4.5mm. This provides a rock solid platform limiting flex and improving bearing life.

The axle caps are now securely threaded on to the axle, eliminating the possibility of lost parts and drastically reducing the chances of play.

At 240 grams for the front and 370 grams for the rear, the new hubs come in just a hair heavier than the originals, but the performance advantages far outweigh those 20 additional grams.

These 2nd generation hubs are available separately as set for $480 or as a $175 upgrade on all of our carbon bikes starting November 1st.