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45NRTH is in stock and ready to ship @!

Winter has come and so has 45NRTH!  We were super stoked to open our boxes and take a look at the latest iterations of some of 45NRTH's most popular items.

Wolvhammer 2017

For 2017, 45NRTH has done several major upgrades on their most popular boot. The first and foremost are changes designed to keep feet warmer when the temperature goes south: a wider toe box and Aerogel insulated midsole. A wider toe box means less pressure on the toes, room for a larger sock, and generally better blood circulation where you need it most. An Aerogel midsole allows you to keep warm and insulated while having the ability to run custom shaped insoles, or even an Aerogel insole for ultimate warmth (the 2017 Wolvhammer comes stock with a Japanther style insole for better arch support)

Other new features can be found on the bottom of the boot.

And here's a comparison between the older boot (left) and newer boot (right)

The 2017 has an improved outsole with opposing tread pattern for better grip on snow, as well as micro traction patches for amazing grip on icy surfaces. If the going gets rough and the snow deep, the Wolvhammer is also designed to pair with the Bergraven gaiter to keep snow at bay. Whether you're out for an epic, or simply commuting to work, the Wolvhammer has your back (and your feet!)

Dillinger 4 2017

The Dillinger is the definitive tire when it comes to fatbiking. It rolls fast, grips great, turns great, and doesn't weigh you down. This year, 45NRTH has introduced several changes that may seem small, but add up to a lot on this legendary tire. Probably the most significant is the size of the side lugs - instead of two seperate lugs, they are now joined together and much taller.

And here's a pic of the new tire (left) vs older used tired (right)

When compared side by side, it's obvious how much larger the side lugs on the new Dillinger are, making it perform even better in tight turns and loose snow! Hope we get dumped on this winter :D

For studs, there are two different flavors available, depending on the tire model. There's a steel body/flat carbide tip variant that comes with the 60tpi (threads per inch) tire

And there's a high end aluminum body/concave carbide stud that comes on the 120tpi tire

While either stud grips fine on ice, the concave studs are a great choice for extremely icy conditions or where weight is at a premium - the aluminum stud body saves about 50grams per tire! If you're looking for a great all around tire that isn't afraid to play on the ice, check out the tubeless ready Dillinger 4.

If, on the other hand, you're feeling racy and the ice is minimal, keep reading...

Husker Du 2017

Generally regarded as one of the fastest rolling and lightest fatbike tires available, the Husker Du gets even more efficient for 2017. Fewer lugs means less rolling resistance, and the lugs that are left over are designed to be as quick and efficient as possible. Tight spacing in the center keeps things fast on groomed trails, while the larger side lugs bite when you turn in deeper snow. Some extra siping gives you an edge if you happen to hit some sneaky ice.

he Husker Du is tubeless ready and race ready. Give it a try and see just how fast a fatbike can be :D

Wolfgar 2016

While not one of the products that's been redesigned, we thought this ultra boot deserved a shoutout! It has TWICE the insulation of the Wolvhammer, a removable wool liner, and a custom studdable outsole in case things get icy. You've got Aerogel in the midsole AND over the toebox, resulting in a boot that can take temperatures down to -25f and keep your feet cozy while doing it.  Did we mention it is 20% off until 11/7?